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Who am I? What’s that?

I’m trying to learn about who I am all over again at 35.  Who am I?  My counselor gave me this assignment and I started it, finished it.  Only to misplace it and never to be found again.  I felt like I misplaced myself.  I can’t even remember one thing I wrote about myself on those three sheets of paper.  I wouldn’t even be able to tell you who I am, unless I read to you what was on that paper.  Pretty sad if you’re really paying attention to this.  I obviously wasn’t paying too much attention to me if I can’t even remember what I wrote about myself.  So the counselor gave me a new fresh off the printer copy.  You would think that because I had already filled it out, that it’d be a piece of cake.  I should be able to just fill in the blanks as fast as I’m typing this paragraph.  But I didn’t.  I couldn’t.  I have to start with new answers, fresh answers of who I think I am.  I feel if I never find the other sheets and can’t compare them I’ll never know who I truly am.  Since I’m obviously going to answer them differently.  I feel like I’ll be cheating myself.  But I justified it by telling myself since I can’t remember one thing I wrote, then that must mean it wasn’t who I am.  It’s who I was.

We’re changing every day.  I realize.  So now I’ve come to another interpretation of this assignment.  It’s not about who I think I am in this moment.  But who I am in my deep inner soul.  Who do I want to be, how will I get there and who is my support system to help me achieve this.

At least that’s how I’m answering these questions now.