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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stayed up late again last night.  It was Friday after all.  Couldn’t decide what I wanted to watch with the boyfriend, so I just piddle paddled on the internet as always.  Decided that we would check out Parks and Recreation, as we missed two new episodes Thursday.  But kept getting distracted by nonsense.  Wasting away with wondering what everyone else was doing by watching their posts on their social network of choice.  I thought I had quit you Facebook.  But I’ve let myself get sucked back in.  I see friends living their lives with their loved ones, all the while I’m sitting at home wasting time.  So let’s see how serious I am with being done on wasting my time.  If it’s not that, it’s seeing your friends enjoying their life.  And while they’re not intentionally hurting your feelings, your feelings get hurt because you’re not in on their life.  Or because you’ve become that lame person who just stays home.  Well I’ll just have to do it myself.  And it starts with getting off this fucking laptop.