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Shazam, what is that you ask?

I arrived at work Friday morning, heard a song on the radio.  It had a pretty catchy tune and lyrics.  Immediately whipped out my S3 and opened up Shazam.  Since I’m also pretty broke, I don’t have real cell phone coverage.  I pretty much rely on connecting to Wi-Fi wherever I’m at.  Rambling on, I attempted to tag the song that was on.  Well since I wasn’t “connected” it said my tag wasn’t submitted.  I threw my phone back in my purse and was on my way to conquer the rest of my workday.  I had completely forgotten about the song that had caught my attention.

Saturday morning, laying awake in bed, not quite ready to get up and attack the day.  I locate my S3 and immediately remembered that I had tagged a song.  I open up Shazam and there’s my untagged tagged song.  Yea, that sounds right.  So I tap on the tag with no name only to have it come up Lana Del Rey.  Sigh.  And here I thought my Saturday was off to a great start.

Too bad I haven’t figured out how to delete submitted tags, because I would’ve done just so as soon as I saw who it was